Again, reasonably good accuracy this past week — 36/54, or 66.6% overall. The breakdown by point spread is given below, and the new predictions are up.

We made a couple of changes to the dashboard this week. First, it has a new, cleaner look, thanks to Jaireh Tecarro, who kindly donated a redesign. Secondly, we discovered that our prior processing code implementation was inadvertently defaulting to a non-smooth rendering mode as a consequence of some coordinate transformations that we were making use of. This behavior was not explained in the general processing references, and so came as a surprise to us. We’ve reimplemented some of the drawing commands in order to avoid the problem, and we’ve documented it in our processing tips and tricks post.

Point spread # games Accuracy
< 5 11 45%
5-9 23 65%
10-14 18 78%
>14 18 72%

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Jonathan Landy Avatar Jonathan Landy Jonathan grew up in the midwest and then went to school at Caltech and UCLA. Following this, he did two postdocs, one at UCSB and one at UC Berkeley.  His academic research focused primarily on applications of statistical mechanics, but his professional passion has always been in the mastering, development, and practical application of slick math methods/tools. He currently works as a data-scientist at Stitch Fix.



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